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Created on 2010-01-28 04:15:56 (#474745), last updated 2015-08-18 (113 weeks ago)

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Name:Our Daily Vino
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Wine, Wine Drinking, Wine Education, Wine Reviews
Wine is "poetry in a bottle" and here, we celebrate it all, from limericks to lengthy epics. (And even the occasional bit of doggerel.)

This is community for wine drinkers where pretense is checked at the door. Wine snobs Party Poopers and Snootypantses need not apply.


***Cut Tag Long Posts and put Large Images behind a cut tag***

1) No putting down other people's tastes.
Our palates differ and what's a party in your mouth may taste terrible to others. Respect this fact. (eg. No pissing on people for liking White Zinfandel, or insistence that they must move on to "sophisticated" wines.)

2) Dry wine does not equal "good wine".
There's a lot of badly made dry wine out there. No, really, there is.

3) Sweet wine does not equal "bad wine".
There's a reason that the Hungarian National Anthem contains a reference to Tokay/Tokaji.

4) Pimping (aka "promotion") of festivals or tastings is allowed, provided that (a) the event has a charity component to it and (b) you declare any affiliation you have with the event.

5) This is not a place for press releases or advertising.
Where relevant, it's okay to link to a press release as part of your post discussing a wine or an issue related to wine, or in the discussion thread. If we catch you "astroturfing" for a brand, vineyard, or winery, we will crush you. (Like a grape, of course.)

6) Cabernet Sauvignon is not the sine qua non, the ne plus ultra, the raison d'ĂȘtre of wine.
(It's Zinfandel ... except on those days when it's Petite Sirah or Gewurztraminer or Riesling or ....)

7) You may link to articles/blogosphere/youtube posts about wine that you find particularly interesting. And yes, crossposting is allowed.

8) Totally serious about cut tagging long, or image heavy posts

9) The posting must be in some way about wine.
In addition to reviews, and reports about your "field trips" to wineries/vineyards/tastings on topic posts can include:
"meta", questions, discussions of the care and feeding of wine, history, links/discussion of wine in the news, wine icons, links/discussion of depictions of wine in books, comics, tv, and movies.

10) "Relax, it's just wine." -- Corbett Canyon motto.
Drink what you like, like what you drink.

Interests (5):

wine, wine enjoyment, wine history, wine in popular culture, wine reviews
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